About Us

Anupam Rasayan India Limited started its journey on 6th March 1977.

Over a period of time Anupam Rasayan has grown gradually and established itself as a company that manufactures products with world class quality. We are certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 with sound technology, environment consciousness, a rich history of innovation through research, and total commitment to excellence towards quality and customer satisfaction.

Anupam Rasayan is a manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals, with products catering to a plethora of market segments such as Agrochemicals, Anti-Bacterial, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Material Sciences.

Research & Development is a passion for Anupam Rasayan and due to which we have introduced numerous products for the first time in India, we have developed new eco-friendly routes for many products and most of this products have been introduced on an exclusive basis for our customers.

As of October 2016, we have 4 different plants located in the state of Gujarat and out of which 3 Plants are in Surat and 1 Plant is in Jhagadia, and by end of 2017 we shall have another 2 new plants operational at Surat and Jhagadia respectively, bring the total locations where our plants are operational to 6.

Vision, Mission and our Goals

Our vision is to be a globally reputed chemical manufacturing company with respect to our Research, Technologies, Quality, Safety and care of our Environment.

Our mission is to grow exponentially in a multi-faceted manner in the group chemistries that we are proficient in and most importantly, through our customer support

Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction with quality and services so as to have a sustainable leadership positions in our products, thus creating value for our customers, stakeholders and employees.

Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the marketplace