Why Anupam?

We have 40 Years of experience of manufacturing specialty chemicals and which are not commodity and for most of the products they have been custom developed. We have Total 4 operational plants in Gujarat & Coming up with 2 new plants in Gujarat. “Innovation through Research” is the driving force for ARIL. In our 40 years of manufacturing, we have developed most of our products for the first time in India. For most of our products, we are the 2nd supplier to our customers from Europe, USA and Japan and slowly we are now becoming the primary supplier to these customers now.

Our strengths are our vast knowledge bank and experience generated from decades of research and development. We have numerous scientist having PhDs in organic chemistry as well as chemical engineering. Their efforts are well supported with an excellent laboratory facility, analytical instruments and above all, a versatile pilot plant facility with process development abilities.

We have periodical internal review on customer satisfaction & on product supplied.

The below circle and the five pillars embody what Anupam Rasayan is today and why we are the supplier of choice for the products as manufactured by us:

Business Model

Competitive & Sustainable Business Model

  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Best In Class Services

Reliable & Responsible Supplier

  • Sustainable Supply Through Backward Integration
  • Flexible & Customer Centric Approach
  • On time deliveries