Why Anupam?

We have 40 Years of experience as Chemical manufacturer & With Specialty Chemicals. We have Total 4 operational plants in Gujarat & Coming up with 3 more new plants in Gujarat. “Innovation through Research” is the driving force for ARIL. In our 40 years of manufacturing, we have developed most of our products for the first time in India. For most of our products, we are the 2nd supplier to our customers from Europe, USA and Japan.

Our strengths are our vast knowledge bank and experience generated from decades of research and development. We have numerous PhDs and senior chemists working with us. Their efforts are well supported with an excellent laboratory facility, analytical instruments and above all, a very versatile pilot plant facility.

We have periodical internal review on customer satisfaction & on product supplied.


Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Policy Statement

ARIL has adopted an integrated approach to the management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality and our management philosophy is based on building our commitment to SHEQ around the following four pillars of sustainability.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management

Together with continual SHERQ improvement is a vital part of day to day operations ensuring that all employees work under safe conditions, that the operating activities are safe and all the important aspects impacting on our responsibility to deliver quality services are controlled, as well as the external environment.

Operational Safety for us is a key area

Implementing hazard management towards ensuring and maintaining operational safety.

Environmental Ethics.

It is our policy to apply sound SHEQ Management practices consistently and comprehensively in all its activities and at all levels within the operating group

  • A healthy and safe environment for all employees, contractors and the public, as far as is reasonably practicable;
  • The prevention of injuries and diseases by complying with safety, health and environmental legislation and our operating standards;
  • Training and development of employees in all aspects of SHEQ in order to meet set business objectives and targets;
  • Striving to promote the wellbeing of the environment by applying proper waste management techniques and by avoiding pollution and damage to property;
  • Improvement in the quality of our services as well as our deliverables while operating appropriately within the nature, scale and impact of our contracting activities;
  • Open and wide sharing of good practice, learning and solutions.

Technical Focus

Strong R&D

At Anupam, R&D is the Key driving force behind Anupam’s growth which helps us in developing products with unique and best technologies to manufacture and supply products to our customers.

Anupam’s key strength is greater competence on Chemistries where the key emphasis is given on process optimisation using our chemistry competence and industry best technologies along with industry best Design of Experiment (DOE) and Quality by Design (QBD) systems. While developing the product, greater emphasis is given on followings

  • Selection of the process route
  • Process Optimisation
  • Quality of the product
  • Effluent profiling which needs to be treated while commercialising the product

Process Optimisation

Process optimisation is greater importance at Anupam for the existing and new products. A successful optimisation is achieved by using greater chemistry competence and engineering technologies as well by extensive usage of Design of Experiment (DOE) and Quality by Design (QBD). The process optimisation at Anupam has following key focuses

  • Optimisation of process for better quality
  • Process optimisation for cost reduction
  • Process optimisation for risk reduction where we attempt in the direction of identification, quantification and elimination of potential hazards in the process.

Business Model

Competitive & Sustainable Business Model

  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Best In Class Services

Reliable & Responsible Supplier

  • Sustainable Supply Through Backward Integration
  • Flexible & Customer Centric Approach
  • On time deliveries


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Surat - 394230, Gujarat, India.

Phone: +91 261 2398991-95
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