Technical Focus

Strong R&D

At Anupam Rasayan, R&D is the key driving force behind our growth and which helps us in developing products with novel and unique technologies to manufacture and supply products to our customers.

Anupam Rasayan’s key strength is unmatchable knowledge in the group chemistries where we have 4 decades of experience and also where the emphasis is on process optimization using our group chemistry competence and industry best technologies along with leading Design of Experiment (DOE) and Quality by Design (QBD) systems.

While developing a product, focus is on the below parameters:

  • Selection of the route of manufacture
  • Process Optimization
  • Quality of the product
  • Impurity profiling of the product
  • Profiling of the Effluent generated and the technology which would be required while commercializing the product

Process Optimisation

Process optimization is a passion at Anupam Rasayan for the existing and new products. A successful process optimization is achieved by using our chemistry competence and engineering technologies as well by extensive usage of Design of Experiments (DOE) and Quality by Design (QBD). The methodology for the process optimization at Anupam Rasayan is as followed:

  • Optimization of process is utilized for better quality or to achieve higher yields
  • Optimization of process is required to identify a particular impurity and reduce it.
  • Process optimization is utilized for process risk reduction where we focus to identify, quantify and then eliminate the potential hazards in the process.